Are sitting there with a big secret dream? Can you imagine the vivd details of your success? How will it FEELwhen you are actually there, with the light shining in just the right way, and the perfect music in the background?

Goals are dreams with deadlines. You MUST write them down. Then, you can actually watch and document your dreams as they materialize before your very eyes. I keep my top 10 goals in a list on my phone. Chalene Johnson taught me to do this. I look at my goals at least once a day and ideally revise the list once a week if needed. I can promise you that having this top 10 list and looking at it every day is magic. It truly does work.

Let me tell you about my car. It was once listed in my number one goal. Rewind to the spring of 2012, when I was called out of retirement to return to the stage as a dancer at a local theater here in Myrtle Beach. I have worked on and off for Legends in Concert since 1997. My husband at the time was working there as the drummer and they found themselves in need of a dancer. I was actually having a conversation with God the moment the phone rang: “ok God, I get it. I hearby give up the stage for good. I will be the best Realtor that ever there was….” Ring ring! It was Trey, the production manager calling to ask if I could come fill in. I took the opportunity, and what was supposed to be 3 months turned into 9.

At the end of that year, I was offered another full year contract. I hesitated, because working every night, 6 nights a week, 11 months out of the year was tricky with a young child. I accepted the contract, thinking: “ok, take the steady money for one more year.” Around the same time, one of our two cars started having big problems. Because the plan was for my ex and I to work together at the theater for all of 2013, and it would have cost more to fix than the car was worth, we decided to sell it. We were suddenly a one car family. A few weeks later, the company did a layoff and I was cut from the show.

After several months of struggling to make it work, with my ex working in Myrtle Beach and me in Pawleys Island, I made a vow to myself. I had to find a way to buy myself a car. I made that my number one goal. I picked out the make, the model, and the color. I wrote the details of my “fit girl” Honda Fit on my Top 10 list and looked at it each day. I gazed at images of the car on the website. I pictured myself in the car. I had no idea how I would get this car. Yet, I continued to focus on that car as my end goal. I needed it. I wanted it! It kept me going like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

At that time, I was (and still am) an active Realtor with Litchfield Real Estate. One Saturday, I had a client call in and set up an appointment to see an oceanfront condo the following Saturday. The market was still in the tank, but I tried to stay hopeful. When the client saw the condo the next week, they made a cash offer on the spot. We closed the deal in 10 days. The day after my commission hit the bank account, that oceanfront sale bought my car. The exact make and model I had envisioned for the previous few months.

I am living proof that writing down your goals will bring your dreams to life. I challenge you to get your goals down on paper. Set your timer for 5 minutes and brainstorm. Go ahead and dream big. Imagine every small detail of how your dream or desire will look and feel. Then, put your top 10 goals in a list on your phone. Look at the list once a day to help you stay motivated to move forward in your business, fitness journey, or whatever it is that shows up on your list.

And by the way: Legends in Concert rehired me in October of 2015. I’m grateful and glad to drive my Fit to the theater to perform each night. And, Roxie LOVESwatching me in the show and hanging out with me backstage. Every day is a gift. When you awake each morning, you have the choice of getting bogged down in the inevitable negativity of the world, or to stay focused, allowing your actions to move you closer to your goals. So, write them down. Get to work. And have fun!

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