When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Do you think you are fat?

Well, if you THINK you are fat, then you probably ARE fat. 

I’m not even talking about your actual body fat percentage. I’m talking about your perception of yourself. From a very early age, I began to berate myself for how fat and ugly I thought I was. I found some old journals last weekend and read through pages and pages of mean thoughts about myself written by my own hand. Over the years, my weight has gone up and down slightly, but I have also been a dancer  since age 5. By the standards of obesity, I have never truly been fat. However, at the height of my eating disorders, it did not matter how thin I got. I was still a disgusting, fat pig in my own mind. It was not until I had gone through years of therapy and a great deal of work on my own personal development that I could conquer that negative self-talk.

 I finally learned:

1) to love and value myself.

2) to accept that life is a journey towards progress and not perfection.

3) to view food as fuel rather than my enemy.

Once I learned these things, my weight issue was no longer an issue. 

It makes me sad to meet people who put themselves down for being fat, old, or broke. If that’s their perception of themselves, then it is probably true on some level. Because I am a fitness professional, some people believe that when I look at them, I am silently judging them for last night’s ice cream binge. The truth is that if I meet someone who is carrying extra weight, if I think anything of it at all, I only wonder what aspect of their life is keeping them that way. You see, the ice cream is not the real problem. It’s actually quite simple to substitute a healthier choice. What is difficult is facing the real reason that person overindulges in certain poor choices in the first place. Loneliness, fear, resentment, disappointment, and depression are some of the main reasons people eat emotionally or neglect exercise and self care. It’s scary to face the root causes of these emotions. It sucks to admit that your romantic relationship is unhealthy, that your job makes you miserable, or that you might have to face a traumatic experience from your youth. 

If you are struggling with your weight and “nothing works,” perhaps it is time to dig a little deeper. Stop blaming the ice cream, and stop blaming yourself. Your body is the only place you have to live. So, you might as well decide to be friends. Start treating your body with respect and gentle care. Look in the mirror and say: “I am awesome. I am WORTH it!”

Start a meditation practice or a new habit of journaling a little bit each day. Ask yourself: am I happy with my life? If the answer is no, then what aspect of your life is unsatisfactory? Try to be brutally honest with yourself. This is your LIFE we are talking about here! What if it’s the only chance you have to get it right? Once you figure out what the real issue is, you can start improving upon it or seek help on how to get started. What if you did this now, TODAY, and everything changed for the better? What if making a few SMALL changes starting right now made all the difference? 

The bottom line is that you probably don’t have to change everything about the way you eat in order to lose the weight. The 15 minutes of emotional eating you fall prey to each night is your target. Are you even aware that you are habitually repeating destructive behavior? Do you realize you are playing negative tapes over and over inside your head? 

It’s what is keeping you fat. It’s what is keeping you broke. It’s what is making you feel old and tired. 

It may not sound like loads of fun. Muster the courage to take a close look at the truth in your life, and everything could change drastically for the better. You deserve an amazing life. You deserve to FEEL good about yourself. You’re worth it!

If you would like a little help getting started, or wonder how I did it, please contact me HERE.