"Rachel- our hard work is showing some benefits! My A1C number is down by about 16% which is great! Another 10% to go. My doc said when her patients come back for this type of follow-up only about 30% of them have progress like this and avoid medication.

"So, I am pretty dang happy and thank you for your help in accomplishing this! Instead of celebrating with food (probably something bad for me- i.e. Taco Bell!)- I bought a few pair of capri workout pants!"

- Mary Erickson

"I had heard myths & legends that exercise not only helps your body, but also your mind. As a full-time working mother who had not routinely exercised in years, I was skeptical. Looking for physical improvement, I reluctantly joined some neighborhood friends for Rachel Tipton's bootcamp in May. Rachel immediately recognized the strengths and weaknesses in our group, pushed us as far as she needed to, and after the first class and a few sore muscles I was ready for more. That first month was intense; 5am wake-up's, sore muscles, pushing myself. It was not until the month-end sales meeting at work that I realized an even bigger result. I had sold more homes the month of May than any other month of my sales career.... In over 6 years. I absolutely attribute this to bootcamp. As I worked on my physical improvement, the focus, energy level and discipline Rachel helped me find directly resulted in mental improvement. A very tangible result! I'm so thankful to Rachel for committing to me, and look forward to each class with her. So.. myth busted! Exercise absolutely helps your body, your mind and even your spirit!"

- Ashley Hanna

"Although my goal of choreographing and teaching me a complete aerial performance was going to be a big challenge, Rachel has been nothing but completely committed to me and my goal since the moment I started. I couldn't have asked for a more competent, dedicated, and motivating coach and trainer."

- Carrin Folger Kamp

"Rachel's aerial class got me moving and smiling during a time of illness and malaise. Her class and positive attitude was a silver lining in my week. She has great knowledge of our muscular system and helps build strength and confidence in her students!"

- Amy A.

"When I first started Aerial Fabric, I thought it would be super intimidating and I honestly felt it was going to be something I just couldn't conquer...however, upon starting class with Rachel, I was greeted so warmly and was very pleased to see that she accommodates & works with all skill levels.... Just her energy alone is enough to get one motivated. I have started working out daily, eating better and I'm genuinely happier because of Rachel and Aerial Fabric. The videos she posts every morning on her Ultra Fit Lifestyle facebook give me extra motivation and a new work out each day. Rachel Tipton is an awesome influence & instructor. I am super excited to continue my aerial journey with her."

- Emily Thomas

"Since you started working with me four months ago, I have realized improvements in my golf game. The improvements are attributable to your focus on strengthening my core, your guidance in improving my self-awareness of consistent breathing before and during shots and overall mental focus on the task at hand with each swing. It has truly elevated my focus and I am seeing results in my scores. My handicap is improving again, and it's very encouraging. Thank you for your interest and input in such a complicated game. The little things I've learned from you have simplified the process."

- Don L.

"Before I began yoga training with Rachel just 5 months ago I was a 55 year old arthritec mess who couldn't tie his shoes without sitting down first. I have spent decades in weight rooms working on muscle but slowly losing flexibility and developing joint pain from the stress. I started yoga training one on one with Rachel in November 2015 and quit weight training entirely. It wasn't long before the constant pain in my knees and shoulder began to disappear even though the yoga poses she taught me were every bit as challenging as any weight room routine I'd ever done. I wake in the morning, do a few sun salutations, stand up and easily slip into socks and shoes without any pain at all.

"As an avid golfer, I've also noticed that my swing is more fluid and my timing and balance better than they've ever been. I hit the ball every bit as far as I did when I was lifting weights routinely.

"When you realize the results as I have, you really look forward to each and every session. And Rachel's encouraging, challenging style of training just pushes you to reach and exceed the goals you set for yourself. I wish I'd started yoga many years ago, but thanks to Rachel I feel like I've gotten many of those years back again."

- Mike Marcis

"I absolutely LOVE Rachel's classes! They are challenging but not so challenging that I leave defeated, but you always leave with things to work on! I always feel amazed as my body does things I never thought it could!"

- Alicia R.