5 Day Kickstart Program

Have you started and stopped multiple workout programs before, shut the at home workout video off early, or had a gym membership that goes unused?

My 5 Day KickStart Program could be just what you need - this is a gradual-increase, direct to your inbox fitness program that keeps you accountable from the convenient location of anywhere you want!


Product Description

All you need is 9-15 minutes per day to begin feeling more energetic, losing weight and KickStarting a fitness program that will set you on the track of living an UltraFitLifestyle!

This 5 Day KickStart Program is more affordable than a one-on-one personal trainer, but with all the benefits. Unlike other at home workouts you fill out accountability forms that go straight to your personal trainer, Rachel Tipton, so you stay on schedule, motivated and progressing.

Our 5 Day KickStart Program is composed of 5 different workouts (all under 15 minutes!) that increase intensity as the days go on so that you don’t get burnt out. In total, it’s a 12 day program, with your initial 5 workouts, two rest days and then daily reminders, videos and accountability to repeat the workouts totaling 12 days to KickStart your journey to a happier, healthier and more fit you!

What's Included:

12 days of exercise videos, accountability forms, encouragement and tips sent to you every morning

Email Access to your own personal trainer, Rachel Tipton

Access to a private Facebook group for accountability, tips and encouragement

Your workouts will arrive in your email inbox every morning at 5:30 am and have a form for you to complete as soon as you are finished. Make sure the email address you want to receive your workouts at is the one you check out with. You’ll immediately receive a welcome email and then your workouts will start bright and early the following morning!

Go ahead - KickStart your UltraFitLifestyle!