Meet Rachel

In her client’s words...

High energy. Kind. Understanding. Motivating. Knowledgeable. Committed. Competent. Dedicated. Positive Attitude. Silver lining in the middle of a tough week. Confidence builder. Warm. Accommodating. Awesome Influence and Instructor. Encouraging. Challenging.

It’s hard to write a profile about yourself, so I combed through reviews my clients have sent me and led with the words they’ve used to describe me. In my words I am a mother, dancer, fitness nerd and trainer.

I’ve studied the human body, the way it moves and functions my entire life. Beginning in Martinsville, Virginia at five years old when I enrolled in my first ballet class. From that moment I’ve pursued the art of movement and fitness in a variety of ways from a career performing on stage, film and television in the dance world to always keeping a job at gyms to compliment my performance schedule.

I’ve found my true passion in helping people with fitness. Fitness means a lot of things. It is training for a marathon. It is losing weight. It is gaining flexibility. It is having more energy. It is being a stronger and better version of yourself. It is goals. It is motivation.

Because fitness is varied my approaches to training are varied. I practice what I refer to as unorthodox motivation. It’s a style built from a lifetime of studying, practicing, learning and working.

My unorthodox motivation is where toughness meets softness. It’s an understanding of how to push people further without pushing too much. It’s knowing when someone has one more push-up in them and when they need a rest day.

As a fitness nerd I study, practice and teach in a variety of ways; from leading aerial fabric fitness classes to being a certified golf conditioning trainer to customized training programs.